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About this project:

This project is focused on the youth and the environment. It is not a hand out but a hand up. The project will be run by the learners of each school and focuses on privileged learners reaching out to under-privileged learners. The privileged learners will hand out soup in exchange for recycling items from the under-privileged.

The following is a guideline for starting up your own “Schools Helping Schools” project:

  • Initial step – Identify a privileged school (We are here to assist with getting you started)
  • Next step – Identify an under-privileged school in the same area
  • Contact to be made with both schools to enquire if they are happy to team up
  • Visit both schools – and deliver a Presentation
  • Igloo’s for recycling of tins and plastic to be put in place for storage of the recycling until hand over
  • Waste-man to collect recycling on same day as soup hand over.
  • After 1st hand-over, the relevant schools will be responsible to continue with this process with a report back to Out of Africa Children’s Foundation on a weekly basis.

RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE CURRENT TWO SCHOOLS: (Click on one of the below to view their responsibilities)

Milnerton High School (Privileged School)

Marconi Beam Primary School (Under Privileged School)